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Holly's Beauty Besties:

It takes a village, y' are the people I love and use for beauty and wellness services! I am constantly giving out referrals so thought I'd put them all in one place! Here is a link to my Amazon Storefront  also for allll my fave finds!

Brows/MicrobladingEmily Epperson, owner of Magic Mirror beauty studio is THE magician for eyebrow microblading. She does micro and nano- which is the newest technique and gives you brows that last for YEARS! She is an expert, period. Her work is so flawless and natural. Check out @magicmirrormemphis on instagram and join her newsletter mailing list there- the appointments open up once a month and go in minutes. Set an alarm when you get the email announcement about the appointments opening up. They also offer waxing and aesthetics services.

Magic Mirror

1914 Exeter Road Suite #2

Germantown, TN



insta: @magicmirrormemphis


Botox and Filler/Aesthetics, Gyno/Womens Wellness and Hormones:        Dr. Susan Lacy is always in charge of keeping my face fresh! She is great with all injectables and other services like my fave- OpusPlasma- which transformed my skin. She keeps me wrinkle free and if you're new to lip filler- ask her about her signature "Little Lacy Lip"- it's a great intro service! Her practice, Modern Gynecology and MORE is such a unique and amazing resource for women- gynecology, hormones, aesthetics and more all under one roof! Truly innovative! In midtown also!

Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health & MORE Aesthetics

1407 Union Ave Suite 1401

Memphis, TN



insta: @moregyn901


Electrolysis and Laser/Aesthetics/Skin tightening type of things:       Embrace Skin and Wellness is a one stop shop with some great treatments and services available! I love the AquaFirm facial and recently got the Agnes/Scarlet laser combo on my jawline/under my chin and it is freakin' amazing and my jawline is snatched now! Electrolysis and hair restoration services available too. Ask them about Derive for hair loss. 

Embrace Electrology & Laser

237 Poplar View Pkwy

Collierville, TN



insta: @embrace_skin_and_wellness


Gym/fitness classes/personal training/massage:

InsideOut Memphis is my gym and I love it! It's got a cool welcoming vibe and a non-bro atmosphere. It is huge with classes of all kinds plus a koi pond- what?? It's def the matcha latte in a world of Red Bull gyms. The owner Lisa is my personal trainer and I see her twice a week! Elyse McMeen is a a magical masseuse there (you don't have to be a member to get a massage!) and I highly suggest her if you need to relax!

InsideOut Lifegym

2162 Courtland Place

Memphis, TN



Go to to make a massage appointment!


insta: @insideoutgym


Dentist/Cosmetic Dentistry:

The 901 Dentist aka Liz Mitchell is my dentist and I adore her and her amazing all female staff. The office is tranquil, cushy and beautiful and is a spa-like experience instead of a cold and sterile atmosphere! Unlike any other dentist- comfy soft dental chairs, plants, great music, vanilla nitrous...I actually look forward to going here! You'd never know I broke half my front tooth off on a bottle of almond milk in 2021 thanks to her! I have a whole dental health plan now and love every bit of it!

The 901 Dentist

795 Ridge Lake Blvd #106

Memphis, TN




insta: @the901dentist


Here are the answers to some FAQ!

How can I change my appointment? 

You can cancel and reschedule your appointment as much as you want up to 24 hours before your appointment! There is a link to change your appointment in your GlossGenius conformation emails- just search your emails for GlossGenius and click that and you'll  be able to easily manage your own appointment! 24 hours before your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation email and text. If you need to reschedule please let me know 24 hours in advance to avoid a 50% cancelation fee. Make sure you come with dry hair- if it's a couple days dirty that's ok! We'll wash it- just make sure its dry! 

How can I join the waitlist for a day I need in?

You can click on the "join the waitlist" on GlossGenius after selecting your service from the service menu! We may be able to work you in or have a cancellation and you'll be able to get in!

Color Aftercare

Wash day: 

I recommend most color clients of mine use Kevin Murphy shampoo & conditioner to help protect their color. After a color appointment, wait 72 hours for the cuticle of your hair to fully rest before shampooing, which will make your color last a bit longer.

On a regular basis, shampoo 1-2x per week. If you feel like you need to shampoo more often, try washing with cooler water to avoid opening your sebaceous glands in the shower, and using products that contain less alcohol. Also, your diet plays a huge role in how often you will need to shampoo your hair.


Haircut 6-8 weeks


Toner 4-6 weeks


K18/Olaplex 4-6 weeks


Base color 4-6 weeks


Babylights 6-8 weeks


Balayage 8-10 weeks


Blended Blonde 10-12 weeks

Products You Can Use

You must use color safe products after a color service at Holly Woods Colorist. They will help protect your color and increase the longevity!  My favorites are Plumping wash and rinse and Young Again wash and rinse. Remember to use your K18 after shampooing and NOT conditioning! I alternate conditioner and mask with K18 every other time and don't forget to let it sit FOUR MINUTES and don't rinse out then continue with your styling routine!

Favorite finishers are Doo Over and Bedroom hair- can't live without a texture spray, yall!



Super Fave Easy Topknot

Nails:  I see Mia at Spa Nails at Madison and Mclean- they don't take appointments but you can go in and request her- the other people I have had there are great too! Very clean also.

Spa Nails

18 N. Mclean

Memphis, TN



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