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What is Balayage?

  • How to Pronounce Balayage: bah-lee-ahj 

  • Hand painted highlights

  • The word translates to "sweep" or "paint" in French. Bright around the face, blended at the roots, lighter ends, and effortlessly natural are all parts of balayage hair. Think undone, cool surfer girl hair like you spent a summer at the beach! The balayage hair color technique is used to achieve a very natural, blended, lightened look.


  • Maintenance Level: Low to medium. If you're turning to balayage just to add a touch of extra warmth and dimension, going in twice a year should be more than enough. However, if you're relying on balayage to break up your natural base color or significantly lighten your hair, you should expect to come in for maintenance every 8-10 weeks!

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